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Birth Records

Birth registration is a permanent and official record of an individual's existence. It is the right of every individual to get an identity- his/her name & right to acquire a nationality. All this and more is gained by an individual when his/her birth gets registered officially. Birth registration is the process by which an individual's birth is recorded in the civil register by the government authority. These are very important public records that are used to confirm the age/details of any individual, which further is required to obtain passport, driver's license, in time of voter registration, marriage license, bank accounts, while taking admission in schools, colleges and many other purposes.

Marriage Records

Recording and registering a marriage has become vital and mandatory in present times. A marriage certificate proves that a couple is legally wedded. After the wedding, proof of marriage documentation is important for a variety of different identification needs, which is further needed for applying for a passport, opening a bank account after wedding and other legal activities. For those who are tracing their family's genealogy, marriage certificates are a very important part of a family's history. A marriage record enables to track the act of marriage, date, time and place where the marriage has solemnized.

Divorce Records

A divorce certificate is an important personal document, whose records are maintained, documented are stored by the government offices. They are also available from the websites as the online records providers are largely in demand. It saves your time, energy and labor. A duly granted and signed divorce decree shows that your divorce has been properly filed and finalized and legally terminated. A divorce certificate is a very important document and maintaining its record will enable an individual to use it in case he/she wants to remarry, or change the name to one's maiden name and most importantly performing their parental duties.

Death Records

With the death of any individual, it is mandatory to record the same and get a death certificate issued. There are several reasons why you may need to obtain a death certificate, typically to serve as proof for legal purposes. Death certificates are needed for claiming Life Insurance, Pensions, Settling Estates, Medicaid Benefits or Future Marriages. Death records, including death certificates can include a wealth of information on the deceased, including the names of their parents, siblings, children and spouse; when and where they were born and/or married; the occupation of the deceased and cause of death.

Property Records

Maintenance of land records and the availability of easily accessible land information is one of the most important issues facing governance today. "Land Records" can include records such as, the register of lands, Records of Rights (RoRs), tenancy and crop inspection register, mutation register, disputed cases register, etc. It can also include geological information regarding the shape, size, soil-type of the land; and economic information related to irrigation and crops. Land record is an official registration of the number of plots allotted for people, the value of their estates, and other general statistics of a country.

Census Records

While each record type offers something unique, few are as important to family history as census records. Census records capture an entire population at a specified time and place, thereby providing an overall picture of entire family groups. Counting and recording information regarding the population of a specified place, Census Records, is one of the most valuable historic records that play an important role in genealogical statistics to learn the social and economical background of a family. Every country needs basic information on its residents for purposes of planning, development and improvement of the residents' quality of life. Thus Census Records is a vital information.